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When I began drafting this article, Steve White was alive and strummin’. On April 22, 2011, just before midnight, my beloved friend broke through to the other side. Steve was like Ray Charles…he always was and always would be there giving us the groove, so real and solid in his musical communication that no one could deny.

The one known as Steve White Blues finally placed a completion frame on his life’s work. Now begins the legacy.

Steve is/was one of my all time favorite studio collaborators from San Diego. We co-created around ten song rewrite/productions in my studio over the years, plus he recorded various other songs as a regular studio client and we loved every minute of it. When Steve started a take, he finished it…all the way without hesitation. In the studio, where people stop and start at will, to have a performer so true and dedicated that he went from start to finish on a track without even considering stopping and dissecting, it was rare and exciting. It was a fan experience.

I wish we could’ve done a lot more in the studio, but fortunately Steve got the opportunity to travel abroad and find his global audience. His unique style now lives on as an influence in the music of many spanning continents.

Our collaborative work has been released on two independent albums: Better Days – Steve White and WhiteStone Collection. I also created a super cool YouTube video for the song, Kung Fu Chopper Pilot.

Steve is/was a true Americana Singer-Songwriter, mixing blues, country, folk, R&B and pop into a contagious feel good groove. Check out his musical legacy at SteveWhiteBlues.com, CDbaby.com, etc. Here’s to you, good buddy. You truly mastered the art of Steve White Blues.

Steve White and Kristopher Stone

Steve White and Kristopher Stone

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