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Something they never told me, growing up was how the older you get, the more loved ones you’ll lose to the great beyond. Seems most of my articles on this site are about people I’ve known, loved and then one day heard about their passing.

In March of 2014, my great friend and collaborator in the arts, Georgi Streetman (entertainer, singer, dancer, writer, painter, director/producer, inspirationist) took her final bow. Around 1989, I first met Georgi in San Diego, CA. She performed as a dynamic stage presence entertainer in a variety of situations. I had just moved to the North County San Diego area from L.A.. Somewhat by accident I started doing live sound engineering to make ends meet, having come from a decade of recording studio music production.

Georgi and I worked as a team in various venues from New Age Churches to an elite weekly breakfast club for authors called The Inside Edge. Georgi, being the music director (and performer) of the events and me being the sound engineer (occasional performer).

We must have co-worked well over four hundred events including a Georgi Streetman Concert that we recorded and later mixed into a CD album. Close to ten years ago, Georgi moved to South Dakota and I moved to Mount Shasta.

The extraordinary thing about it is we never had any kind of conflict all those years. Our shared love of the arts and dedication to doing an excellent job, as well as her purity of intent and honest communication made the two of us a perfect team. She could look at me from across a large room and I’d know what she was thinking – change the mix – look up and see her nodding “yes”.

So, once again I say goodbye to a cherished friend. And, more than ever before, now I feel just how much she means to me. Thank you, Georgi Girl. You’re the best of the best.

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Georgi Streetman

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