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Vicki Star is a world famous beader. She makes beautiful works, writes instructional books, appears at conventions and teaches classes all around. I know her from my time in San Diego where we were sweeties for nine years. Also, I was blessed with her family. Spending the holidays with them was great. As you can see here, they have a unique sense of humor.

Vicki Star’s Family, spoons stuck to noses

Speaking of famous people, Vicki’s grandson Malcolm Stumpf is a movie star – playing Madonna’s young son in The Next Best Thing, the star teenager in Wild Tigers I Have Known, etc. I haven’t seen Malcolm for around ten years, however we’ve recently become ‘friends’ on FaceBook along with Vicki’s daughter, Chrystal Star, who’s also in show biz doing script supervision and P.A. work.

Here’s some of Vicki’s work and a link to her main site…

Vicki Star's Tiny Treasure Boxes

Vicki Star’s Tiny Treasure Boxes


Vicki Star, Unknown Dudes, Kristopher Stone

Vicki Star, Unknown Dudes, Kristopher Stone

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